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This is a true story of how my girlfriend of four years cheated on me, to avenge the betrayal. I had asked many times, to deceive and pay me back, but secretly did not want to - it was just because of me and wanted them to believe, I'm sorry. I really did not expect her to have sex with another man - but she did. that had encouraged them to an online dating site to connect and make friends with other men, and make it possible. they thought it was wrong at first, but then I got to say to the idea, he wondered how it would feel to be with another man. During this time, we took advantage of this fantasy, while fucked and masturbate each other, but I thought it was just a fantasy..... Then she admitted that she had dated a guy a little fatter and shorter than me and snogged him in his car.... We even went to my house, but he did not know they know that he later said he did not know if I saw her in the car. I was jealous when she admitted Snog, but I have a hard hit, and we had plenty of sex, which almostt. A was hot a few months and asked if everything was, what happened, he said, y... Well, no.... not quite. I asked what else happened, and she said she had masturbated and his adultsex penis was as big as mine evn if it was thicker and shorter in the body. assured me, that was all, but it's happening and I took it and had good sex again.... until a few months later... and she admitted that she had sucked his cock, so I asked him the whole story and she said it this adultsex way..... ' Well, we've been to dinner, and paid for it and came and took me home and asked for a kiss, so he leaned on the car and not in tongues and snogged and then he said i turned to him and adultsex he took my hand and placed it on his lap and felt his semi hard cock, and I asked if she Identification straw, so he took his zipper and pulled it out. his cock was nice and very hard to a type of fat, but his short balls were a little soft. moaned as I masturbated. I could see he enjoyed it andHe said his time since anyone did that and asked if id take it in my mouth? I was soaked and now had his hand on my bra and pinched my left breast, what I want. I bent down and opened my mouth on his penis and God knows I was surprised how quickly your precum gushed. It tasted very salty and was obsessed adultsex with time. I had to do this kind cum. I had to know how much value it adultsex had and how he knew. He groaned and groaniong very strong and really was oozing pre-cum, mmmmm, I can still try it now..... tasty. Then a car parked nearby, adultsex and he tried to stop, but I was unstoppable. I felt that I take my hair and pressing my head on his cock and said, 'right dirty bitch, suck, drink my fucking cum salty! ' He was hurting my hair, but I do not care - I just wanted his sperm. Then filtered and adultsex sprayed right in front, the back of my throat - and down. I had no choice, but he was injected, and I'mone drink - more than he gave, he said. I knew fucking beautiful, thick and creamy. I'm sorry honey, but I loved it. I licked his cock and wiped the drool from my chin and adultsex I licked her fingers clean. I had to wank, but I have not said that and said it is better now for me at home. He was surprised when I got off the car with me - I wanted to catch me for sure, but I had what I wanted. I sperm of another man in me. Then he went to bed and masturbated hard and soaked the sheets. ' I asked if it was true, and there was more to say. She said it was and swore that what really happened. I asked if I regret that. Said no and I never gave myself, because, said, adultsex adding that it seemed moan when cummed in her mouth. ended by saying that certainly would be back when the opportunity came. We had a lot of sex after day after day for a week, I think. I hope to come home with brave kitten a day earlier.
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